About Us

Triangle Education Consultancy is an overseas MBBS education consultants with 10 years of experience who helps on the guidance of students to study MBBS abroad. We at Triangle Education Consultancy understand that students dream about pursuing their MBBS in different countries abroad.
We are here to guide them in this process so that they fulfil their dreams of studying MBBS outside of India. We help the students realize their dream and understand the things that are involved in the process of studying abroad. We advise the students on the different colleges that are present abroad in different countries and what the universities and countries have to offer.


We provide different services that will help the students in getting a smooth admission into the college of their choice. We not only help the student in the admission process but give other important guidance as well. We guide them in choosing the best college for themselves which will help them in fulfilling their dreams.
After the college is selected, we guide them through the whole admission process so that they can secure a seat in the college of their choice. We provide other services such as visa application assistance, financial guidance, pre-departure guidance, and travel accommodation assistance.
All of our services are designed by keeping in mind the comfort of our students who take our help. Our MBBS consultancy to study abroad is done by professionals who are quite experienced in this field. They are able to give the best advice to the students so that they can get one step closer to their dream.


We are very rigorous in our work when it comes to helping the students. We aim to provide a very strong educational platform to the students where they can achieve big things in their future. We understand the value of a good educational environment and strive to provide the same to the students who approach us for our guidance.
We make the students strong enough through our inputs so that they can cope with their new environment and make something great of themselves in their future.

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